What we do

The aim of our charity is to help orphaned children in Gambia to achieve better future perspectives. We want to improve the living conditions of children, teenagers and young adults. In the short term we especially want to secure their regular attendance of a school. Long term we try to help orphaned children to get proper professional training. In Gambia we work closely with both German and Gambian helpers. We directly support orphans and their foster families by paying for school fees, food and clothing. The close-knit cooperation of German and Gambian helpers offers on the one hand transparency in how the donations are spent and on the other hand allows to personally observe the development of the children.

Who we support

We support the following children and families:

This is Dembo. He is 10 years old. He is half-orphaned and has an older sister. His father is dead.
Gambia Bayoolu pays his school fees and has bought a bicycle to save the family money for the transport to the school.

This is Dembo’s sister Aminata. She is 19 years old. Gambia Bayoolu supports her with food.

This is Maimuna, 19 years old. She is an orphan, one brother has also died. Her two elder sisters care for her and her 4 siblings. After school she trained as beautician, with financial help from Gambia Bayoolu. Now she finished school successfully and opens her own beauty shop, with a loan from Gambia Bayoolu.

This is Maimuna’s sister Mariama. She’s 13 years old and visits the fifth class. Gambia Bayoolu pays for her school fees, clothing and materials.

This is Maimuna’s and Mariama’s brother Ibrahima, he’s 18 years old. Gambia Bayoolu pays his school fees and bought him a bicycle to save on transport costs to go to school.


This is Jainaba, she’s 8 years old. Her father has died. Gambia Bayoolu pays for her school fees.

This is Moru, he is 5 years old. His father has died. Gambia Bayoolu pays for his pre-school as well as for food, rent and electricity.