7 members of Gambia-Bayoolu will fly to the Gambia. During our stay we will visit all the children and families we support. We want to calculate and secure the current demand of school fees/clothing/money for books etc. for the coming year. We will also meet further children and families in need of our help in order to start financially supporting them too.
We also had an enquiry from a village school from Kunkujang asking us for help. They have neither water supplies nor electricity. The roof – provisionally covered with reed – will not withstand the water during the 3 months rainy season. There is only one toilet for 400 students.
The members of our association want to inform themselves about the condition of the school while being in the Gambia and launch the much needed help (new roof, more sanitary units) both actively and financially.
The help needed by the school greatly surpasses the financial abilities of our association, we are in need of further donations in order to guarantee large-scale improvements like building a new class room, connection to the water supply, electricity etc.