We are very concerned about the children we support and our Gambian club members: The Gambia also has the first confirmed cases of corona diseases. The number of confirmed infections is low, but there will be far more people infected with Covid-19.
But what affects people much more directly besides the danger from the virus are the effects, which have the necessary restrictions that the Gambian government has decided. In addition to schools, all shops except grocery stores are closed, as are the markets and many other public services and businesses. As a result, families that are often very poor already lack their source of income. Many live on small stalls where they sell fruit from their own garden or similar. The families generally have no savings, so far there is no state aid.
We have already distributed soap, disinfectants and detergents to the families of our sponsored children. Today we also decided to provide the families with rice to alleviate the acute need. A 50 kg sack of rice currently costs between 25 and 30 euros and is enough for a family of 8 for about a month.
Please support us in this and donate in this current emergency for food with which we can supply the families. Those who are hungry have no strength to fight an illness!